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The history of rice vermicelli and production steps

Rice vermicelli is made from rice, and is a popular food in Southeast Asia, China, Taiwan. Its texture is soft and chewy, which prevents the noodles from getting mushy or snapping during the cooking process.


According to legend, the creation of rice vermicelli is from the turmoil the Five Northern Minorities Caused in Central China (304 -439). Rice vermicelli was created to be an easy to cook, highly portable food convenient for those fleeing combat.


The manufacturing process of rice vermicelli is not a simple one. It needs to go through multiple steps from the soaking and grinding of the rice, to the pressing, steaming, washing, and drying, before a stick of rice vermicelli is finally completed and ready for packaging. Throughout this entire process, experienced workers are essential in the inspection of raw materials (rice) and assuring highest quality throughout each of these steps.